How To Quit Drinking Without AA

How To Quit Drinking Without AA

Not only does rehab not always work, but it is also expensive. In many cases, you have to cut yourself off from your family and friends to get your life back on track. If a certain setting makes you want to drink, you need to resolutely avoid it. You may want to avoid going to bars, for example, even if it’s only to catch up with a friend or to get dinner. Avoid the people that want to drag you down because they aren’t ready to get sober themselves. Withdraw yourself from anything that might compromise getting sober.

  • Usually there’s a lemon wedge and some hint of Tabasco — and yes, there’s usually at least a little booze.
  • If you prefer not to attend AA, look for other ways to access this kind of community—whether that’s through other groups, a supportive social circle, or through a recovery coach or counselor.
  • Whether you’re trying to quit drinking or you’re already sober, Tempest combines a personalized approach to recovery with membership and one-on-one support to help you make a lasting change.
  • CBT is one of the best ways to treat drug or alcohol abuse.

Chances are they have been waiting for you to get to this point, and they are eager to help you maintain sobriety. Focus on maintaining your relationships with the people that push you to be better. Reach out to anyone that can help you hold on to your sobriety. This is a precarious combination of factors on the road to recovery, putting your sobriety at risk.

Ways to Get Sober Without AA

These help keep you focused on your recovery, reducing your risk of relapse. Even after being sober for years, the potential for an alcohol relapse is always possible. People who relapse may feel guilt, shame and hopelessness.

This works best particularly when you feel an urge to drink. Remember most people run into alcohol as a way of escaping shame, trouble, problems or stress. SBGC is a community that provides resources and support to Black girls, womxn, and non-binary folks considering beautiful sober lives. You can sign up to receive a newsletter, join the club, find support groups, get mentoring, and so much more.

Anyone sober without AA? Is this possible?

You will be able to adapt and deal with whatever changes better than you think you can. Because sometimes being right won’t make me happy in the way I think it will. American Addiction Centers (AAC) is committed to delivering getting sober without aa original, truthful, accurate, unbiased, and medically current information. We strive to create content that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Success is a vague term to describe the prognosis of the program.

If you’re in recovery from a substance use disorder, you already know how much work it took to achieve sobriety, and you’ll want to do everything possible to avoid having a relapse. It may seem that relapse is the last thing that could happen to you, but the truth is they are very common for people new to recovery. Ironically, thanks in great part to the work I did in 12-step programs, I learned that alcoholism wasn’t my only problem — or even my biggest problem. LifeRing is another alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous. It is abstinence-focused, and designed to be compatible with a variety of other treatment resources.

Press Play for Advice On Self-Discipline

And TikToker Kali is looking ahead to her first festive season off the booze after going sober in June. Latest figures from the NHS suggest a third of people under 25 have not drunk alcohol for at least a year. For lots of us, alcohol is a big part of Christmas Day, not to mention New Year’s Eve.

Instead, focus on things, experiences, and activities that will support your new, healthy lifestyle. If you find it difficult to make new, sober friends, try joining a support group. If you don’t want to quit alcohol completely, or have had too much trouble staying 100% sober in the past, harm reduction might be the right approach.

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